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"Twirling a glass of Taylor’s Vintage, one can imagine that Taylor’s has the classical beauty of Greece, while perhaps Fonseca is Rome. Flights of fancy are permitted with wines of this impact and dimension. Ultimately, it comes down to the simple, glaring fact that one never tires of Taylor’s.”

Serena Sutcliffe, 2008

"Their two Companies are to Port what Rolls Royce and Bentley are to automobiles. Fonseca consistently makes some of the very best wines in each declared vintage, while Taylor continues to attract premium prices in wine shops and auctions around the world.”

James Suckling, The Wine Spectator

"Taylor, Fladgate & Yeatman vintage ports consistently sell for higher prices than any of the other big 10 houses, which is a reflection of the wines consistently magnificent quality. What more can one say about Taylor.”

James Suckling, The Wine Spectator

"Taylor’s is indisputably at the top of any league of port shippers.”

Clive Coates MW

"There is one wine that always fetches a premium at auction. Its character is for many the quintessence, the yardstick of port. For many, this wine, the port of Taylor, is the classic port, as Latour is the archetypal claret.”

Clive Coates MW, The Vine no. 88, May 1992

"Taylor holds a prime position. I have often described it as the Latour of port, implying strength of character, sturdiness, capacity for long life.”

Michael Broadbent, Senior Director of Christie’s, London 1992

"Other shippers may excel from time to time. But Taylor’s proceeds at the head of the pack year in, year out. This consistency is achieved through an extra level of density, concentration and sheer class.”

Jancis Robinson MW, Time Charts

"Perhaps the best port shippers, especially for full, rich long-lived vintage wine and tawnies ... Their LBV is also better than most.”

Hugh Johnson, ‘Pocket Wine Book published by Mitchell Beazley , 1994

"Taylor’s port is consistently one of the most admired and longest lived of the year; and its Quinta de Vargellas single quinta bottling can often be almost as concentrated.

"The principal shareholder is now a nephew of Mrs Dick Yeatman, Alistair Robertson, who took over the firm in 1967 since when the firm has been one of the most successful companies in Vila Nova de Gaia, doing much to revitalize the selling and marketing of port, notably by introducing the LBV, or ‘Late Bottled Vintage’ style.”

Jancis Robinson MW, Oxford Companion to Wine

"One of the oldest and consistently one of the best shippers.... The style of their tremendous vintage wines, of unrivaled ripeness, depth and every other dimension, is largely derived from their famous Quinta de Vargellas.”

Hugh Johnson’s Modern Encyclopaedia of Wine

"The Vintage Ports of Taylor are the biggest, most concentrated and most consistent of all ports.”

Terry Robards, The New York Times Book of Wine

"Taylor’s Ports are the fullest-bodied and longest-lived of all Vintage Ports.”

Pauline and Sheldon Wasserman, Guide to Fortified Wines

"Taylor’s vintages have…a massive structure with a characteristic ‘peacock’s tail’ of tannins on the finish.” "Few other names rise to the challenge in comparative tastings…” "…both Taylor and Fonseca belong in the premier league.”

Richard Mayson, Port and the Douro

"Taylor Fladgate Quinta de Vargellas "The Quintessential Port”

Anthony Dias Blue, Bon Appetit, December 2001

"Head of the class” – "Taylor’s is to Port what Romanee-Conti is to Burgundy – The Best”

Quarterly Review of Wines

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30 Year Old Tawny
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Late Bottled Vintage Port
Late Bottled Vintage was developed as a high quality but more affordable and immediately drinkable alternative to Vintage port to be enjoyed by the glass on everyday occasions. Read more about LBV {+}
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Sustainable Viticulture
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Port Since 1692
The story of Taylor's Port begins in 1692 with the arrival in Portugal of an English merchant called Job Bearsley. Learn more about the history of Taylor's. {+}
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