Wood Port
Wood Ports are those that have been aged to maturity in a wooden cask or vat. Wooden vessels used to age Wood Ports are usually made of seasoned oak. New oak is not used to age Port as it would impart too strong a flavour to the wine. Wood Ports are ready to drink when bottled. Because they have contact with the air while ageing in wood, they remain in good condition for several weeks after the bottle is first opened. They normally have stopper corks which can be replaced in the bottle after the wine has been served. Wood Ports almost never need decanting as any sediment is likely to have precipitated in the cask or vat. Also most Wood Ports are fined and filtered so that they remain bright. However a light sediment may occur in more full bodied Wood Ports if the bottle is kept for several years. In practice this is unlikely to happen as Wood Ports are intended for immediate drinking, not to be kept in the cellar.