A geropiga is a very sweet Port made by fortifying early in the fermentation to retain a larger proportion of the natural sugar of the grape than would be the case with a standard Port. The white version is called geropiga branca and the red is known as geropiga loira. In the past a small quantity of geropiga was sometimes added to a blend judged to be too dry but nowadays this pratice is rare. White geropigas are sometimes marketed under the designation of lágrima or lácrima, a style of Port mainly consumed in Portugal.
Grape spirit
See 'Brandy'.
Gum cistus or gumcistus
References to gum cistus (esteva in Portuguese) often appear in tasting notes describing Vintage Ports. Gum cistus, also known as rock rose and by its Latin name Cistus ladanifer, is an aromatic shrub which can be found in the wild throughout southern Europe. It is very common in the Douro Valley and its scent can often fill the air on hot still days. The shrub's name and scent are both derived from the very aromatic gummy resin secreted by its leaves. This resin is called labdanum (not to be confused with laudanum) and is highly valued in the scent industry for its complex aroma. In tasting notes, gum cistus describes the complex sweet aromas of resin, leather and musk that can often be found in Vintage Ports, particularly when they are young.