Port and Cheese

Port and Cheese

Port and cheese is one of the most classic food and wine combinations.

Port, with its huge diversity of flavours, creates a wealth of sublime opportunities for pairing with cheese – more, indeed, than any other wine. For every cheese there is a perfect Taylor’s Port to match.

Here are some suggestions of how to enjoy some of these inspired marriages of Port and cheese.

Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port 2008

LBV 2008
Elegant and fruity, Taylor’s LBV displays the heritage of the great Taylor’s vintages in an approachable early-maturing style. LBV 2008 makes an excellent match for a goat’s milk cheese such as a fresh Valençay or a Sainte-Maure. As the thick crumbly texture of the chèvre dissolves in contact with the wine, the ripe and opulent fruitiness of the LBV merges with the rich tangy flavours of the cheese in a sublime synergy.

Taylor’s developed the Late Bottled Vintage style and remains its benchmark producer. Like Vintage Port, LBV is blended from wines of a single year. Whereas Vintage Port spends only two years in wood, LBV is aged in oak vats for between four and six years, hence the term ‘Late Bottled’.

Firm, elegant, fruityThick, crumbly, tangy
2007 LBV PortValençay Cheese

Cheese Suggestions

  • Stilton
  • Valençay
  • Sainte-Maure
  • Crottin de Chavignol
  • Caprino
  • Castelo Branco

Taylor’s 20 Year Old Tawny Port

Taylor's 20 year Old Tawny PortThese ‘aged tawnies’, as they are called, are characterized by an attractive amber colour, smooth silky palate and sublimely complex and opulent flavours. These pair beautifully with the rich, nutty and fruity character of a mature farmhouse cheddar cheese.

Each year selected rich red Ports are set aside to age in oak casks. As the wines age they gradually lose their original deep ‘ruby’ colour and take on the delicate amber hue known as ‘tawny’. At the same time they gain complexity and elegance, leaving behind the intense fruitiness of youth and developing the mellow spicy, nutty and oaky aromas associated with long wood ageing.

Smooth, mellow, nuttyFirm, mature, intense
20 Year Old PortCheddar Cheese

Cheese Suggestions

  • Farmhouse Cheddar
  • Comté
  • São Jorge (Azores)
  • Gouda
  • Pecorino

Taylor's First Estate Reserve Port

Reserve Ruby Port
The full body and youthful fruitiness of Taylor's First Estate Port marry superbly with the full flavour and rich creaminess of cheeses such as a ripe and redolent Pont l’Evêque.

In 1744 Taylor’s became the first British Port house to purchase a property in the Douro Valley. This fine reserve Port was created to celebrate this first acquisition. Aged to maturity in oak vats, it combines an attractive complexity with fresh and vibrant berry aromas and a round and firmly structured palate crammed with luscious black fruit flavours.

Full, fresh and fruityCreamy and full bodied
Reserve Ruby PortBrie Cheese

Cheese Suggestions

  • Pont L'Eveque
  • Brie de Meaux
  • Camembert de Normandie
  • Vacherin Mont d'Or
  • Taleggio

Taylor's Vintage Port 2003

Vintage Port 2003
The association of Vintage Port with a mature blue cheese such as Stilton is one of the great classic food and wine combinations. The soft buttery texture, mellow character and piquancy of the cheese are perfectly matched by the powerfully majestic flavours of the Vintage Port.

Taylor’s Vintage Port is one of the world’s great iconic wines. Made only in the finest years, it is blended from the best produce of the firm’s own estates. It is renowned for its massive structure and aromatic power, tempered by a characteristic understatement and restraint. In some years when a Taylor’s Vintage is not made, the best produce of the firm’s two famous properties of Quinta de Vargellas and Quinta de Terra Feita may be bottled separately as single estate, or ‘single quinta’, Vintage Ports.

Elegant, rich, powerfulButtery, mellow, piquant
2003 Vintage PortStilton Cheese

Cheese Suggestions

  • Stilton
  • Cashel Blue
  • Roquefort
  • Gorgonzola
  • Saint Agur Blue

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