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Port & Food

Most perfect wine and food pairings are closely linked. Chilled native oysters and a crisp, cool Muscadet and a hearty meat ragu with a full bodied Barolo. Yet, every rule has its exceptions, and these often prove to be the most interesting of pairings. Consider Port Wine and cheese. The flavour profiles of both salty cheese and sweet Port, whilst strong enough to stand up to each other, fall on opposite ends of the taste spectrum, acting as complements, a little like a good marriage!

Contrasting flavour is just one part of this wonderful experience and this section aims to suggest some taste, pairing profiles that will make this most incredible style of fine wine really sing for its supper.

In some parts of the world, Port wine has been known to be served all the way through the meal. We think this a little extreme and suggest that key moments of consumption are honed in on to really savour the flavour profiles that each of these Port wines can deliver.

Do not limit yourselves to drinking Port wine just in the cooler months. Consider the different styles of Port wine and you are able to drink Port during the 12 months of the year. People do not stop drinking red wines in the summer or white wines during the winter, so why should Port wine be any different?

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