Taylor325 yacht
Ricardo Diniz and the #Taylor325 yacht will be competing in the challenging OSTAR 2017 (Original Single-handed Trans-Atlantic Race). Sailing from Plymouth to Newport, Rhode Island, he will cross the Atlantic Ocean in a voyage of approximately 21 days. This will be the first time a Portuguese yachtsman will compete in the race, which was inaugurated in 1960 and is held every four years.

Adrian Bridge adds: "This partnership resulted quite naturally as it unites land and sea, history and future, built on shared values as determination, courage and resilience, all essential attributes for both single-handed navigation and producing and selling Ports. And, it is with great pride that Taylor’s supports the first Portuguese yachtsman to take part in OSTAR, on the year of our 325th birthday.”

The #Taylor325 yacht, built in 1991, has just been fully restored and is proudly sponsored by Taylor’s.

Follow #taylor325 yacht at the OSTAR race, starting may 29th.